Where is your Frontline?

Learning the ways of Jesus in our context is a lifetime journey.  At GracePoint our mission is to equip believers to “follow Jesus Christ everywhere”.  This requires thinking and acting as a whole-life disciple.  This simply means we live the whole of our lives for Jesus Christ wherever we are, in everything we do, and everyday.  This happens both in the gathered church on Sunday and the scattered church (Monday-Saturday).  Our desire and goal is to equip you on a Sunday for Monday-Saturday living.  Join us for our next 5 week series in the book of 1 Peter.
  • All the difference in the world (Sept. 8) - 1 Peter 1
  • Wherever we are (Sept. 15) - 1 Peter 2
  • Whatever we do (Sept. 22) - 1 Peter 3
  • Whoever we are (Sept. 29) - 1 Peter 4
  • Together we grow (Oct. 6) - 1 Peter 5