Sunday School Classes
October 13 - December 1
RNM Resource for series - Into the Psalms: Talking Worship Through the Psalms with John Piper Shane & Shane
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October 13 - November 24
This seven session Bible study series, based on the book You and Me Forever from best-selling author Francis Chan and Lisa Chan, will challenge you to view your marriage like never before.  Visit our Facebook Event Page for more information:  You and Me Forever

October 13 - November 17
Parenting is hard. Yes, we love our kids, but they know how to misbehave and push all our buttons. We want to raise them to love and obey God, but we can’t even get them to obey us! 
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October 13 - November 10
Join us on October 13 - November 10 for our Discover GracePoint class. This 5 week series will help you understand who we are as a church and what it means to be a member of GracePoint. This class is required for those interested in becoming a member of GracePoint Church.  
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November 3 - December 1
These are confusing times for many Christians. Traditional biblical values are not only rejected; it seems as if they're attacked on every front. It's all happened at warp speed, leaving many of us spiritually and culturally disoriented or even fearful, frustrated, and angry. How can we spiritually survive in an increasingly spiritually hostile environment? And is there any hope for the next generation?  
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Wednesday Night Class

Join us as we dig deeper into 1 Peter! 
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Pastor's Notes


Get Connected - LifeGroups
Life Groups provide the crucial element of plugging into the
local church within the context of a smaller community. 

Wednesday - Church Grounds @ 9:30 am
Women's BIble Study

Contact: Ruth Cherup

Thursday - Residential @6:00 pm
Berean Footsteps Bible Study

Contact: Caren Tucker

Thursday - Residential @7:00 pm
ACTS 2:42 LifeGroup

Contact: Rick Bateman