Sunday School Classes

September 8 - October 6
According to the apostle Paul, the pattern of Jesus’ life—death followed by resurrection—should also be the pattern of our lives. In 14 simple but deep lessons from Philippians 3, Paul Miller helps us recognize this “J-curve” pattern first in the life of the apostle and then in our own lives. United with Christ brings truths like justification by faith and union with Christ to life—inspiring worship, emboldening hope, and empowering love.

  Join us as we dig deeper into 1 Peter!
Get Connected - LifeGroups
Life Groups provide the crucial element of plugging into the
local church within the context of a smaller community. 

Wednesday - Church Grounds @ 9:30 am
Cherup: Women's
Contact: Ruth Cherup

Thursday - Residential @7:00 pm
Contact: Rick Bateman