God's Kingdom is here and hte people of GracePoint Church are moving forward as we thank God for our rich heritage and exciting new plans.  We are sowing seeds for the future and th fruitfulness of God's kindom everywhere.  Whether at home, at work, in our community, or on our neighborhood frontlines, we are committed to following Jesus Christ everywhere!

We envision a flourshing, Christ-centered community whre we grown
INWARD in spiritual development, grow UPWARD in raising a new generation, and grow OUTWARD in mission and outreach.

  • Enhanced spiritual growth opportunities
  • A revamped  Student Ministry and growing Children's Ministry
  • Leadership development for our next generation of leaders
  • Church building and campus improvements
  • increased community connections and outreach
  • Improved guest & welcome experience and a clearly defined path for engagement
  • An increased digital and online presence
  • Increase in Sunday attendance, baptisms, and membership
  • Attendance reflecting our local community

DEEPENING OUR PERSONAL ROOTS BY FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST.  This growth will be informed by the whole of GOd's word through preaching, study, persnal devotion, and meditation, and lived out goth within the gathered and the scattered church.  We will grow Inward roots as we:

Embrace a deeper "Whole-Life" discipleship
  • Evaluate Whole Life Discipleship
  • Develop a front door/back door monitoring of visitors and members
  • Create a Whole Life Discipleship methodology
Serve the body & show the love of Jesus Christ
  • Create a volunteer development plan - "train the trainer"
  • Develop a Volunteer Hub (both online and in the building)
  • Increase team mentality for executing strategies
Join a small group & do life together
  • Develop a Small/Life group philosophy - "why?"
  • Develop a group to help with mental health wellbeing
  • Create multiple group opportunities


CREATING A NEXT GENERATION LEGACY BY TEACHING CHILDREN TEH WHOLE COUNSEL OF GOD. Our goal is to produce young adults reliant upon Christ and His promises as they stretch and grow into adulthood and see the completting purpose of following Jesus in all of life.  We will grow Upward branches as we:

Join the Journey
  • Develop a clear discipleship curriculum pathway
  • Encourage a family devotion and discipleship atmosphere
  • Leverage Right Now Media to increase discipleship
  • Hire mid-level associate Pastor focused on children, youth, and young families.
Duplicate Ourselves
  • Invest and mentor 5 others that are younger and newer
  • Create a volunteer bench depth/buddy in training
  • Purposeful teaching - exploring "life-on-life" discipleship and mentoring
Refresh Children's Ministry and reboot Youth Ministry
  • Review children's ministry  for improvements
  • Develop youth ministry program
  • Create an internship program

PLANTING SEEDS OF THE GOSPEL WHERE WE LIVE AND WHEREVER WE TRAVEL.  The Great Commission commands us to go into the entire world to make disciples and to be the visible expression of the Great Commandment to love God and our neighbors.  We will grow Outward seeds we:

Infuse GracePoint into the community
  • Partner with Local Ministries and non-profits
  • Coaching clinics - sports, parenting, "solutions" for life
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Continue to leverage Pigapalooza
Build our global bridge
  • Partner with FL Presbytery to develop regional and global outreach partners
  • Find partnerships to start sports programs
  • Continue to build upon the Guatemala ministry as community ministry
Leverage the GracePoint property for outreach
  • Develop master plan of church poperty
  • Build multi-purpose fields and pavillion
  • Provide special music concerts - the universal language